Now Find Your Facebook Friends and analyse that which place they belong to

by Avinash Saxena
You know who your Facebook friends are, but can you visualize where they are? You might be surprised when you see “Where My Friends Be?,” a Google Maps mashup with all of their locations pinpointed, showing you just how far-flung your friends really are.
We’ve seen other Facebook/Google Mapsmashups before, but this one’s different from other friend-mappers. It’s fast [update: it’s running rather slowly, due to all of us from Mashable hitting their server at the same time], it takes just a few seconds to click into, and suddenly it’s dropping little pins all over the globe, showing you precisely where your pals reside. Says one of its developers, Ajay Mehta:
“Surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of apps like this. There were a few that were very poorly developed and eventually canceled years ago. They weren’t this visual either, most had a lame loading bar or something similar and the mapping was laggy/slow. We have friends pop onto the map in a cool, interactive way (which was the hardest part to hack together).”
Written by college freshmen Ajay Mehta, Wesley Zhao and Dan Shipper, the mashup gives you a quick way to remind yourself that you’re not in Kansas anymore, and neither are your friends. Unless, of course, you all live in Kansas.

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