Announcemet From Abrition the (ABRITION ANNUAL BIZ LEAGUE)

by Avinash Saxena

This post is from the official Abrition team on the basis of the planning of Founder and Director Avinash Saxena and the Editor in Chief John Swayer. This official Abrition Annual Biz League stands on the ABRITION ANNUAL BUSINESS LEAGUE. This is the first annual biz league were held under the Abrition Team. This 2011 AABL is started from 8thApril. In this league the industry from differrent categories were participated in this league e.g, Internet,Infrastructure,Manufacturing etc. In each category we included 3 powerful company of that industries and 3 weaker of that industries. This AABL were played in the format of CRICKET. We throwing the world famous players of cricket in different company of that industry on the basis of there year revenue.Stay tuned and updated with AABL regularly on our  Official WordPress blog.


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