Firefox 4 Moves Out of Beta, New Downloads Available Now

by Avinash Saxena

Firefox 4 has moved out of its beta period and is now in the “release candidate” stage.

The last beta version, Firefox 4 Beta 10, was released just six weeks ago. Current Firefox 4 beta users will be automatically upgraded to the RC version of the browser, and RC users will be automatically updated to the final release of Firefox 4 when it is available.

Much-heralded features of Firefox 4 include Sync and Panorama, a.k.a. Tab Candy. Around 70% of Firefox plugins are compatible with Firefox 4, and the browser has been optimized for better add-on management, as well. Users can submit feedback on the browser’s performance or issues at any time from the Help menu.

Also, the new RC release represents significant bug fixes (8,000 squashed and counting) and performance enhancements, including faster start-up, speedier graphics rendering, and faster page loading.

Users wishing to download the new software can do so now.



5 Comments to “Firefox 4 Moves Out of Beta, New Downloads Available Now”

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