Tnhinkfuse Gain $500k Through Hanging Around During Y Combinator

by Avinash Saxena

Angel investors gorged on one of their twice-a-year feeding frenzies at Y Combinator’s demo day earlier this week. Among other things, SV Angel and Yuri Milner finally got to see what they invested in a couple of months ago when they made a blanket $150,000 convertible debt offer to all new Y Combinator companies.

One smart Seattle startup called Thinkfuse took advantage of all that investor focus by traveling to Silicon Valley last week, right before the demo day. And in less than a week they closed their own angel round – $500,000 – from investors like Ali and Hadi Partovi, SV Angel, Founder’s Co-op, Scott Banister and other angels.

The company is still in private trials with select users, but they’re focused on the enterprise space. “If you’re still using email or sharepoint for status reports, we’re here to save you,” says the website. For now, that’s all they’re saying.

Other startups were also in town, clearly to jump into the Y Combinator parade. But Thinkfuse happily admits it. “We knew over 40 companies would be unveiled this week, so we showed up a week before,” says CEO Aydin Ghajar. Brilliant.



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