How Much Is Rebecca Black Making Off of Friday?

by Avinash Saxena

None other than Lady Gaga recently pronounced Rebecca Black a “genius,” but is Black now a millionaire too?

That’s been the subject of some speculation over the past few days as the video for Black’s so-bad-it’s-good anthem Friday has racked up 53 million views and counting. What kind of cash can Black expect out of that?

According to Forbes columnist Chris Barth, YouTube makes about $1 per thousand page views, of which content creators like Black (and Ark Music Factory, the Los Angeles-based producer that wrote the tune) get 68% of the profit. If that’s the case, then the total take for Black and her producer is about $36,000.

Going by a similar ballpark measure, Black’s iTunes sales of 37,000 in the first week nets out to about $26,000 if 101 Distribution‘s claim that Apple pays $.70 per download is true. Adding those two figures together, Black and Ark Music Factory have netted about $62,000. That’s not including whatever revenues Ark gets for selling aFriday ringtone at $1.29.

Barth, who mistakenly wrote that Black’s song had been downloaded on iTunes 2 million times, had initially proclaimed her a millionaire based on that calculation, but it looks more likely, as Annie Lowrey writes in Slate, that Black is actually a “thousandaire.”



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