Linked In Makes New Features For Hotmail Users To Grow Their Network

by Avinash Saxena

The Linked in Makes new features fr hotmail users to grow their network.”

We’re happy to announce that we’ve collaborated with Microsoft to make it easier than ever for our users to stay connected through Hotmail. With Microsoft’s foray into interactive email around Hotmail Active Views, LinkedIn sees the potential for email to once again empower the working professional by removing some of the burdens of staying connected.

Starting today, we’ve begun to roll out one of our connection invite emails using Active Views to give LinkedIn’s Hotmail users the full advantage of interactivity within their inbox.

When you invite someone to connect on LinkedIn and the other person accepts, you receive an email about the successful connection. Within that email, LinkedIn provides insights about the other person’s network by showing who they are connected with and which companies they follow. With Active Views, you now have the ability to take multiple actions directly within email. Which means its much easier to connect to people you may know or follow companies that you’re interested in without leaving that email.

One of the ways our members interact with LinkedIn is through email. Traditionally, email has more or less served as a delivery vehicle for static content. Static content succeeds when it’s used properly to present information or to drive a limited set of actions. However, today’s world demands much more from the working professional. To stay connected, we’re asked to accomplish more, oftentimes across different sites and mediums. The traditional email fails to help manage this onslaught.

At LinkedIn, our passion is to create products that help our members be more productive and successful at what they do. Professionals come to LinkedIn to stay connected with other professionals, and create opportunities for themselves and their networks as well as to gain insights that help them be great professionally.

This is our first interactive email, and we’re excited about its potential. We look forward to leveraging Active Views to help make it easier for our members to stay connected and be more productive.”


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