The new addiction about ipads and android at the work [Infographic]

by Avinash Saxena

Forget the fear: Learning to love iPads and Androids at workThe news of infographic from the bucket of Apple ipads and Android at the time of workthe new addiction from there viewers. The style of ipads and android work are the according to this reporting.”

I’ve been talking to many IT executives in recent weeks at various conferences, and I’m finding a curious bifurcation among them when it comes to how they handle newfangled mobile devicessuch a iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones and tablets. Some have the attitude “people can bring whatever they want, so long as the devices support our security policies,” while others take the “I’m very leery of how these will compromise my organization’s security if I let them in” position.

Yes, people in IT — many of them, in fact — still register the fear reaction to the new smartphone and tablets whose usage has exploded in recent years. I’m shocked at one level, but not at another.

I’m shocked because any organization that truly has its security threatened because there are iPhones in the building have much bigger problems than any single device: They have fundamentally insecure IT operations that haven’t acknowledged the idea of a physical perimeter is long gone in this era of wireless communications and high usage of outsourced services and contract employees. No device should have unchallenged access to sensitive information just because it’s in the building, and the notion that security measures would let newfangled devices right in is an absurd one.

I don’t believe most of these companies have any basis for their fears. After all, they use virtual LANs, VPNs, permissions-based access, and the like already, and iOS and Android devices have no secret ways to blast through those. If a file server or database requires a password or other credential to gain access, that applies to mobile devices just as it does to PCs and remote computers.


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  1. Thank you for the work you have put into the article, this helps clear up a few questions I had.

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